12 Essential Tools Engineering Students Need the Most

Here are 12 essential tools every engineering student must have. The purpose of these tools is to help engineering student succeed in their coursework and career, have a nice time studying and be productive.

1/ Scientific Calculator

A scientific calculator is a must-have for any engineering student. It is used to perform complex mathematical calculations, including logarithms, trigonometric functions, and exponential functions.

These functions can be challenging to calculate manually, so a scientific calculator can make the process much easier, accurate and time -saving.

Some scientific calculator you might want to consider having:

2/ Drawing Tools

Engineering students need drawing tools to create diagrams, schematics, and other technical drawings.

Some drawing tools needed includes rulers, compasses, protractors, and graph paper.

3/ Drawing Notepad or Tablet

A digital notepad can be a convenient way to take notes, sketch out ideas, and annotate documents, all while reducing paper waste.

Here are two drawing notepads or tablet you can use โ€“ one for writing notes on the go, and the other is used with a computer or laptop.

Whatever you write or draw on it can be seen on any computer software that support drawing like PowerPoint or Google Jamboard.

4/ Engineering Software

In the advent of technology and competition, engineering students need software to perform complex calculations, simulate systems, and model designs.

Some engineering software an engineering student should consider learning and knowing how to use include AutoCAD, SolidWorks, MATLAB etc.

5/ Reference Materials

Engineering students need reference materials such as textbooks, engineering manuals, and design guides to understand engineering concepts and apply them to real-world problems.

You can get most engineering textbooks for free on PDFDrive or previews on Google Books.

6/ Online Learning Resources

There is no two ways about it, engineering students needs and can benefit from a range of online learning resources, including tutorials, videos, and online courses that can help them supplement their in-class learning and improve their skills.

Online learning resources that you can checkout include: Youtube, Udemy, MIT OpenCourseWare etc.

7/ Electronics Toolkit

One of the way engineering students (particularly electronics engineers) can understand electricity or electronics or even other aspect of engineering is by practice.

As an electronics engineering student, you ca get a starter kit like Arduino or Rasberry Pi starter kit and make fun projects, that way you will be enhancing your knownledge.

For other engineering fiels like Civil, you can learn some of the software tools mentioned above.

8/ Portable Hard Drive and USB flash drive

A portable hard drive and a USB flash drive can be helpful for storing and transferring files between devices, sharing work with classmates, and backing up important files.

This is essential to have because there are some vital documents that need not be lost.

Another best way of saving your files apart from having a portable hard drive is by using cloud storage like Google Drive.

9/ Portable Charger and Power Bank

A portable charger and a power bank can be a lifesaver for engineering students who spend long hours on campus or in the lab, ensuring their devices donโ€™t run out of battery when they need them most.

10/ Headphones

Noise-cancelling headphones can be helpful for engineering students who need to block out distractions and focus on their work or study.

11/ Water bottle (Never Left this Out)

Engineering coursework can be demanding and time-consuming, and having a water bottle in your bag can help keep you hydrated and refreshed throughout the day.

12/ School Bag

Engineering students typically need a school bag to carry their textbooks, notebooks, and other study materials to and from their classes.

They may also need to carry a laptop, scientific calculator, and other personal items such as a water bottle, and a phone or wallet.

Since engineering coursework can be demanding and involve long hours of study and problem-solving, having a well-organized and comfortable school bag can be helpful.

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