22 Resources for Learning Electronics From Scratch (For Beginners)

how to learn electronics from scratch or on your own

Learning electronics can be fun sometimes but for other times can be really frustrating. So having good resources around can help reduce those frustration and enhance your knowledge on how to build circuits or even how to troubleshoot electronic gadgets.

Because electronics is not something to just study as a theory but needed to be applied practically, and on your way of getting your hands on electronics, you will become better at it.

So in this post, I will be sharing some useful resources to help you learn electronics on your own including YouTube videos, books, websites and even forums (to help you ask questions).

YouTube channels


Here are few books to help you expand on the knowledge that you couldn’t get from the YouTube channels or what they explained is not clear to you. Also it will be useful for those that loves to read as oppose to watching videos.



The truth is, there are tons of useful resource online but trying to overwhelm yourself with them will make you end up not learning useful stuff so just try to stick to the ones that is really helping you out and overtime you will become good at electronics because I believe learning electronics is a skill that even the experts develop over time not in a day so be patience and have fun on your journey.

But to note out, if there is any resource that it even better than those listed here, kindly share with us so we can share it with the community too. Cheers tooabstracter 🎉