Why do we study circuit analysis or circuit theory?

First let’s look at what circuit analysis mean.

What is circuit analysis or circuit theory?

Circuit analysis or circuit theory basically deals with finding currents and voltages in a circuit or network of connected electronic components.

Why do we study circuit analysis?

If you are an electronics or electrical engineering student or even a hobbyist, studying circuit analysis is essential because before you can design your own electronics gadgets or robots, you need to learn the fundamentals behind circuits.

And most concepts you will need to learn is current, voltage, resistance, how electronic components are join together so they work, what will the response be if an energy source is applied to a circuit, electricity, electronic components and much more.

Another thing fascinating about studying how to analyze circuits is that, circuit analysis is much more related to electromagnetics and these two separate courses are the base or fundamentals for all other branches in electrical engineering.

Be it controls, electronics, wireless communication and all the relevant field in electrical engineering.

And also it is the fundamentals behind the technologies in the world today ranging from the circuit in your TV, antennas that transmit waves, 5G, mobile phone, computers and list goes on.

More reason to why we study circuit analysis

Is that apart from the fact that it is a tool for engineers to predict how much current is likely or will be flowing in a circuit, it is used to also predict the response time for efficient performance of circuits.

Since nobody would love to see their mobile phone takes about 1 hour to boot completely.

In summary

The circuit analysis is with no doubt the pillar holding electrical engineering which means no circuit analysis no electrical engineering

So looking forward, our mission is to help students demystify this course and help them learn it fast without having to read through big textbook and waste many hours before understanding some concepts.