Resources to help you learn and understand Electromagnetics field theory from scratch

how to learn electromagnetics

In this post, I would be listing out the resources to help you self-learn electromagnetics field theory from scratch and these resources are what I’ve came across over the years as an electrical engineering student trying to desperately learn electromagnetics field theory because, to be frank with you it’s a difficult but interesting course.


I will advise you not to limit your learning journey to these resources only but, try to explore more and we would love to hear any recommendation from you on any stuff you have found useful other than the ones listed here so we can help other engineers too.

These resources will be based on books, online platforms and YouTube videos for learning electromagnetics field theory.

The golden books

  1. Electromagnetics Field Theory by U.A Bakshi
    This book has been a companion of mine for years and it is one of the book I never regretted coming across. Because, this book explained concepts in a lucid and plain language.
    It also put the beginners on mind by taking you from the foundation up to an intermediate level step by step. One more thing fascinating is that books from U.A Bakshi that I’ve used are great so it’s not just the electromagnetics one.
    Download pdf ↓
  2. Electromagnetic field theory for engineering by Md. Abdu Salam
    It’s also a good book for beginners and intermediate but for me I used this book as another resource for studying Maxwell’s Equations and Wave Equations.
    Download pdf ↓
  3. Engineering Electromagnetics By Williams Hayt and John Buck
    This book has been one of the books recommended mostly by professors due to it suiting the academic standard though, I don’t use it that often but it is a good book because, it helps you to find solution to some problems on electromagnetics.
    Download pdf ↓
  4. A Student Guide to Maxwell's Equations by Daniel Fleisch

    As long as every aspiring electrical engineering student will be dealing with waves, antenna or wireless connection, Maxwell’s equation is a must to learn.
    Because, after learning all the basic concepts and you’ve tried to solve problems on them, you will have to deal with Maxwell’s equations which is consider to be the root of telecommunications and the best book I can recommend is this book by Daniel Fleisch.
    He takes beginners from scratch just has U.A Bakshi does and explain stuff step by step. Here is a little snippet from his book. A student guide to wave equation sample Download pdf ↓
    There are also more books by Dan Fleisch and maybe because he is a professor that’s why most of his book are just fascinating and it will take you on the journey of understanding the underlying concepts behind electromagnetics and waves.

Online platforms or websites

Quora – is one of the biggest ask questions and answers platform out there based on my experience and it’s not specific to any topic because it cover stuffs on engineering, programming, computer science and much more.

And speaking of programming let’s digress, as an engineering student, the world is moving fast and the pattern that is been used to teach the students are not paying off frankly.


I would better off give you an advice which is try to get one technological skill in your toolbox and that’s it.

You can read an article written on how to utilize your years in college while having better grades. And one of the skill that payoff is learning to program which we sometimes call coding.

You can learn web development from platforms like YouTube or learn the basics in one hour or less at BitDegree and within 4 weeks of practising you should be comfortable and know what to learn next.

Now back to our main discussion, on quora, you can ask question related to electromagnetics, see already answered questions that you might not have thought about asking or learning. You can also join tooabstractive space on quora

Reddit – is another online question and answer platform similar to quora and even has subreddits dedicated for engineering students.

YouTube channels

The Organic Chemistry Tutor - Basically, this YouTube channel has been my go to channel to learn some stuff about math’s, science and engineering. You can checkout to see what am saying.

Lasseviren1 Channel - is the second good channels that explains stuff on electromagnetics. He has a playlist for almost all concepts in electromagnetics with problems solved.

T vanausd Channel - It’s the last but not the list, and this channel has great content on electromagnetics that’s fascinating and sometimes I just love to watch it because she explains things by experimenting.