10 Important facts you need to know about magnets and magnetic fields

As human, we have once even by accident, played or saw a magnet and the only basic thing we know about it is that it attracts metal which is true but still, there are more to magnets and what we can do with it.

So in this post we would be discussing few important facts that you need to know about a magnet.

What is a magnet?

Basically, a magnet is defined as a piece of material that has the ability to attract itself to other conductive materials like metals (iron, cobalt, e.t.c).


Another definition of a magnet is that; it is a piece of material or an object that has the ability of producing magnetic field.

Things you need to know about magnets

  1. Magnets are polarized meaning, it has 2 poles the, north (N) and south (S) poles.

  2. If two pieces of magnets with the same pole are pulled together, they repel each other but if they are of different poles, they tend to attract each other.

repulsion and attraction of magnets
  1. The space between two magnets or around a magnet is referred to as a field. And since the field is caused by a magnet, it is called a magnetic field.

    And whatever passes through the field, if it is conductive, will experience some force trying to push it forward or backward.

  2. The phenomenon of electricity and electromagnetism still and always hold a realm in magnetism.

  3. The earth itself is a giant magnet. It has a north and south pole also.

  4. Due to the fact that the earth is a giant magnet, when a magnet is freely suspended, it will try to align itself to the earth in opposite direction.

    I.e. if the position of the earthโ€™s magnet is north to south, then the freely suspended magnet with turn itself in south to north since opposite poles attract each other.

  5. If you allow a magnet to cut across a conductor, current will flow through the conductor โ€” concept of electromagnetism.

conductor cutting across magnet
  1. If you break a magnet into two, you will still get a north and south pole and that why it is said that there are no monopole magnets.
no monopole magnet
  1. If you have a screw driver and it is not capable of picking up screws, you can magnetize the screw driver by scrubbing it on a magnet.
scrubbing a screw driver on a magnet
  1. You can kill a magnet and stop it from magnetizing material by burning it with fire.
 burning a magnet kil it forever

Here comes the end to some of the facts that needs to be known about magnets but we believed that there are more so tell us what is it that you know about magnets other than what is been listed out here in this article.