What is the Maximum Voltage and Current for Arduino Uno Power Jack?

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The voltage range for powering an Arduino Uno via its power jack is between 6-20V, but 7-12V is recommended, while the current rating, according to the datasheet, is a maximum of 1A.

Arduino dc power or barrel jack

The Arduino Uno is a microcontroller board designed for beginners and hobbyists to learn electronics and coding. It is like a mini-computer that allows you to control things like lights, motors, and sensors with code.

There are three ways to power the board:

  1. Via its USB port
  2. Vin Pin
  3. DC power jack

Since this article focuses on the DC power jack, we will briefly discuss the other two and focus more on the DC power jack.

The Maximum Voltage and Current for Arduino Uno Power Jack

According to the datasheet, Arduino Uno boardsโ€™ power jack can withstand 6-20V, but the recommended voltage is nominally between 7-12V.

Now, letโ€™s talk about the current. The Arduino Uno, as stated in its datasheet, has a maximum allowable current of 1A since the board uses a voltage regulator rated for that current rating.

A question that may arise is, โ€œWhat if I have a power supply rated at 12V 2A? Will it damage my Arduino board?โ€ The answer is no, as long as the amount of current drawn from the Arduino board itself by the devices or sensors you connected to it is less than 1A.

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