Hamster Kombat: How to Increase Profit per Hour Productively

Hamster Kombat is a Telegram-based play-to-earn game with over 150 million players. It offers an engaging way to earn tokens by tapping to earn, upgrading cards for passive income, and participating in various in-game activities.

Hamster Kombat Airdrop and Profit per Hour

Players who effectively mine tokens and increase their profit per hour (PPH) have a higher chance of claiming the airdrop, which will be launched on the TON blockchain.

How to Play Hamster Kombat + Update 💡

You can join Hamster Kombat Telegram bot HERE: https://t.me/hamSter_kombat_bot/start?startapp=kentId6902493214

  1. Tap to Earn: Tap the screen to collect coins.
  2. Mine: Upgrade cards to create passive income opportunities.
  3. Profit per Hour: The exchange works automatically for up to three hours, after which you need to log back in.
  4. Level (LVL): Accumulate coins to increase your exchange level and earn faster.
  5. Friends: Invite friends to receive bonuses and help them advance to earn even more bonuses.
  6. Token Listing: At the end of each season, a token is released and distributed among players, with dates announced on the channel.

Strategies to Increase PPH Productively

  1. Purchase Profitable Cards:

    Look for cards that provide a high PPH relative to their cost in tokens.

    • For instance, the “Licence Europe” card offers +720 PPH for 5000 tokens. You can recoup the token cost after 6 to 7 login cycles (each cycle being 3 hours).

      Licence Europe card hamster kombat

    • The “Consensus Piranha Pass” card gives +2.03K PPH for 55,125 tokens, which is a good return on investment.

      Consensus Piranha Pass card hamster kombat

    • Another good card is “License Bangladesh”


    • Also the “License India” card


  2. Avoid Low PPH Cards:

    • Ignore cards that offer less than 1000 PPH but cost 200,000 tokens or more, unless you’re aiming for the daily combo. For example, “ETH pairs”


    • Another card to ignore is “BTC pairs”


Daily Combo and Cipher Codes:

You can earn extra free token from:

To get access to everyday combo, cipher code and other information, join this telegram group.

Join Telegram Group HERE: https://t.me/+QitvT8I0_Us1ZjA0


By strategically upgrading cards and managing your tokens, you can increase your PPH efficiently, enhancing your chances of benefiting from the airdrop and maximizing your earnings in Hamster Kombat.

Stay engaged with the game, utilize the boosts, and keep an eye on profitable card opportunities to optimize your play-to-earn experience.

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